TCEC Season 14, Div4 second place

Thanks to the great work of Graham Banks rofChade was able to participate in the TCEC Season 14 tournament. There was a small problem however, I was still in the middle of playing, testing and tuning of rofChade for the upcoming CSVN tournament, so there was not a rofChade version available and the expected start of  TCEC season 14 was the next days.

So overnight a tuning run was started, and after some testing of that version, it was send to the TCEC organisation. Turned out, it was just minutes before the start…. When I looked  at the TCEC site just minutes after sending the version to see when the tournament would start, it was already playing some games in the testrun!  

During the tournament rofChade played very good and ended second place, behind the Komodo MCTC version. It even managed to win one game from Komodo with an original checkmate on the board, which is a rare occasion at TCEC because of the adjudication rules.

Second place means promotion to Div3!


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