New version with regular eval released: rofChade 2.0

A preliminary version of rofChade with regular evaluation terms has been participating in TCEC season 14, so it’s time to release an “official” version which is entitled version 2.0.

Version is a slightly enhanced version compared to the one that was competing at TCEC. For more details see the release page.

The Windows and Mac versions can be downloaded from the download page.


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  1. AC - 25/04/2019 Reply

    Please submit the latest version of Rofchade for TCEC Cup 3 which will take place after the end of the Season 15 TCEC Premier Division. The version that will currently play in the cup is 2.018T, but over at you have version 2.022 playing. It would be great to see that in the Cup.

    • rofchade - 25/04/2019 Reply


      I’m in the process of creating a new official release, version 2.1. This release is identical to 2.022 and I will send this version to the guys of TCEC, so it will probably play in the Cup 3. The 2.018T version, which played in division 2 was significantly weaker than 2.016T which played in division 3. I experimented (again) with the usage of the hash table in quiescence search. In 2.018T it was not used which lead to a much higher nodes per second, but it played significantly weaker. The problem is that it is difficult to test certain things on 43 threads(or even 90 on ccc) so the tournament is the test…

      Thanks for the suggestion!



  2. AC - 02/05/2019 Reply

    Ronald, you can delete this comment once you’re done with it.

    You have a typo on the releases page.

    “Changes of 2.018T (TCEC15 div2 version) compared to 2.018T”

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